K. Ch. - Documentary Portrait of a Female Political Prisoner

We are excited  to announce the latest project of the volunteer research initiative Political Prisoners.eu: K. Ch., a documentary on the tragic yet ultimately uplifting story of a young woman raped, impregnated, and forced to give birth to her prison guard’s child in a former-Czechoslovakian prison in 1948. In Karla Charvatova’s movie portrait we aim to introduce a strong and level-headed woman who was able to overcome tragedy and fight for her life under severe and unfair circumstances for over 4 decades. 

The documentary is now available with English subtitles. Please contact us at kch (at) politicalprisoners.eu for further information on the screening possibilities.

The student documentary film K. Ch. focuses on milestones in the life story of former Czechoslovak political prisoner Karla Charvatova (K.Ch.). In November 1948 she became pregnant as a result of being raped while imprisoned due to anti-Communist non-violent activities and thinking. Her newborn daughter was put up for adoption with Karla’s permission as her health as well as financial situation did not allow her to raise the baby. They meet again after 50 years of separation and share their memories.

This documentary presents how the fates of both women were fundamentally shaped by the Communist dictatorship, although each was affected differently by the regime. Very rarely do lives face so many dilemmas. Even more rarely are these dilemmas faced so nobly.

This story is not only relevant for contemporary Czech and Slovak society, but instead for all who wish to understand the individual legacies of communism permeating the globe. Political persecution, violence and injustice take place in many forms, but the strength of this individual – her  deep-sated belief in morality and liberty – are the values that help one to survive and eventually defeat the regime. 

Hope can survive.

The story of Mrs. Karla Charvatova (K. Ch.) proves it. 

See our subtitled movie trailer on our You Tube channel or in the video section in the right column of this website.